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What is Leaf Alleviate?

Leaf Alleviate is an online marketplace that curates a selection of high-quality CBD products from trusted brands. We also provide industry news, blogs, and resources to educate our community about the benefits and uses of CBD. Our mission is to make CBD accessible and understandable for everyone.

Leaf Alleviate functions as a referral marketplace. We do not sell CBD products directly. Instead, we provide detailed information about various CBD products and direct you to the brand’s official website where you can make your purchase.

When you click on a product link on Leaf Alleviate and make a purchase on the brand’s official website, we earn a commission. This does not affect the price you pay for the product.

We have a rigorous selection process to ensure that all products featured on Leaf Alleviate meet high standards of quality, potency, and safety. We only partner with brands that are transparent about their production processes and provide third-party lab testing results.

As of our last update in 2021, CBD derived from hemp with less than 0.3% THC is legal at the federal level in the United States. However, laws can vary by state and by country. We recommend that you check with local laws and regulations before making a purchase.

Yes, you can purchase Leaf Alleviate merchandise directly from our website. For CBD products, we provide detailed information and direct you to the brand’s official website where you can make your purchase. This ensures that you receive genuine products and have access to the brand’s customer service for any product-related inquiries.

Since purchases are made directly from the brand’s official website, you should reach out to their customer service for any issues related to the product. However, we at Leaf Alleviate are always here to assist you with any additional questions or concerns you may have.

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