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Young Welkom entrepreneur determined to remove stigma associated with cannabis

Young Welkom entrepreneur determined to remove stigma associated with cannabis

A young Welkom-based entrepreneur wants to remove the stigma associated with the cannabis plant by showcasing the positive natural benefits that the plant entails.

Moleboheng Semela, who is a cannabis and hemp cosmetics manufacturer, also processes cannabidiol, or CBD oils for medicinal purposes. She was also part of the policy development process for the Cannabis Bill.

The current South African laws allow for cannabis use and cultivation in private spaces. Cannabis was decriminalised by the Constitutional Court in September 2018, and the court provided Parliament with 24 months to amend the relevant laws.

Production of the cannabis plant has been viewed as a potential boost for the South African economy. 38-year-old Semela’s love of nature made her begin manufacturing cannabis and hemp cosmetics.

Sister Mimi

Also known as “Sister Mimi,” she specialises in a range of body care and hair food products, as also CBD oils. Her belief in living the natural way made Sister Mimi start this journey 16 years ago.

She has been involved in various projects of the cannabis plant, for medicinal and other purposes.

Semela’s products have been tested by the University of the Free State.

“I‘m a researcher for the University of the Free State, for a couple of years now. It’s the fifth year now, whereby I have been conducting a research in terms of cultivation and also producing certain oils, so I’m also in the incubation programme with CSIR whereby we’re developing prototypes of my CBD oils so that they can be on the shelves,” says Semela.

She says the benefits of the cannabis oils is that they have a lot of medicinal potential without affecting the mental level. Those who have used some of her products couldn’t be happier.

Andy Itholeng is one of the proud customers.

“To know that they are just made by a woman that has researched this. And one thing I like about her is that she takes her time to meet professors, go to universities, and meet people that are knowledgeable, that have access to labs, and she goes about it the right way.”

Sister Mimi believes anyone who wants to venture into the same business can easily start by first producing from their private space.

“Cannabis is like gold; it’s a natural mineral that we should explore. It’s just a matter of knowing what to do and when to do it. Because of the red tape that is there, I’m saying people utilize your private use right because now we have a right for private use. For using it in your private space, you’re allowed, if there are two adults in a household, to plant about 10 trees, so I say plant them, dry the leaves, dry the flowers, use it as a tea, conduct your own research, and if it works for you, sell it to the next person, and then you’re in the industry. That is how it goes, and that is how we roll.”

Sister Mimi is in the process of developing a farm where she will soon produce her products on an industrial scale.

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