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Survey: Majority of Californians Are Supportive of Cannabis Legalization – Ganjapreneur

Survey: Majority of Californians Are Supportive of Cannabis Legalization - Ganjapreneur

A strong majority of Californians remain supportive of the state’s legalization of cannabis, according to a PPIC survey out this month, which found 64% of all adults in the state back the reforms. The level of support marks a new high recorded by PPIC. 

In 2010, PPIC found just 47% of California residents backed adult-use cannabis legalization. 

The survey found a supermajority of Democrats (77%) and independents (76%) supported the reforms, which were approved by voters in 2016. Just 42% of Republicans surveyed backed cannabis legalization. A majority of individuals surveyed from all racial demographics also remained supportive, including 76% of Black people, 64% of Asian people, 53% of Latino people, and 71% of white people.  

Despite the majority of support, just 56% of respondents favored adult-use cannabis sales in their city. In actuality, cannabis sales are banned 61% of the state’s cities and counties.

Most respondents, 61%, also indicated that cannabis legalization is “mostly a good thing,” while 35% said it was “mostly a bad thing.” Californians aged 18-34 are more likely than Californians 35 and older to have a positive view of the state’s legalization law (69%-58%). Additionally, the share of Californians who say that legalizing cannabis was a good thing increases with education level (49% support among those with only a high school education, 65% support among those with some college education, and 69% support among college graduates).

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