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Shocker Alert: Cannabis Biz Buyer Interest Is Way Bigger Than You Thought, Survey Reveals – Benzinga

Shocker Alert: Cannabis Biz Buyer Interest Is Way Bigger Than You Thought, Survey Reveals - Benzinga

As the Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference gears up for its grand opening on September 27-28 in Chicago, the industry is abuzz with an unexpected insight: the appetite for buying assets in the cannabis world is stronger than anticipated. Based on a recent survey by Benzinga, a staggering 40.2% of respondents expressed a keen interest in purchasing assets, signaling a vibrant acquisition climate.

These insights were gathered through a swift survey offered by Benzinga to those aiming to access its elite Private Dealmaking Room at the forthcoming conference. The room is an exclusive, invitation-only space, crafted with the objective of facilitating vital interactions between potential buyers and sellers in the cannabis sector.

While 40.2% participants were eager to buy assets, an almost parallel number, 42.4%, indicated interest in selling, painting a balanced picture of the marketplace.

Registrations for this year’s conference have already outdone the previous year’s figures by a remarkable 30%. The event is poised to witness an eclectic mix of attendees, including representatives from major multi-state operators, illustrious brands, and preeminent ancillary players.

Distinguished personalities such as Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker, U.S. Virgin Islands Governor Albert Bryan Jr., and industry tycoons like Eminence Capital’s CEO Ricky Sandler are on the roster to share their wisdom.

“The growing participation underscores the event’s critical role as an industry collaboration hub. The enthusiasm also mirrors a renewed interest from both policymakers and institutional investors in the dynamic cannabis landscape,” articulated Jason Raznick, Benzinga’s CEO.

Furthermore, instead of a customary sales-centric floor, Benzinga promises a unique experience for attendees. The event is set to host over 60 data companies, lenders, brands, and financial service enterprises, positioning itself as a cornerstone networking event in the cannabis sector.

This momentum in the cannabis industry, highlighted by the survey’s findings, beckons a new chapter, one where assets and businesses could see a swift change of hands, fostering growth, innovation, and collaboration.

Take the swift 30-second survey to gain access to Benzinga’s Private Cannabis Dealmaking Room filling the form below or following this link.

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