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How Much Does it Cost to Open a Cannabis Consumption Lounge?

How Much Does it Cost to Open a Cannabis Consumption Lounge?

The answer on the question ‘How Much Does it Cost to Open a Cannabis Consumption Lounge?’ depends on many factors, including the business model of consumption lounge permitted, location, premises size, your goals and objectives. The type of business model a lounge can use is based on regulations in the location: a lounge attached to a cannabis sales facility; a standalone facility; the ability to sell single use cannabis in the facility; a BYOC (bring your own cannabis) consumption lounge; mobile hospitality unit; the ability to sell non-cannabis-infused food and nonalcoholic beverages and sell tickets for on-site entertainment events.

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When planning a cannabis consumption lounge, recommendations from experts in the hospitality industry can be applied:

  • Back-of-the-house usually takes up 30 – 40% of the total building area.
  • 60 – 70% is designated as front-of-the-house, which is the area intended for customers.

So, in round numbers, a consumption lounge with an area of 3,000 sq. ft will be divided into 900 sq. ft for back-of-the-house and 2,100 sq. ft for front-of-the-house of which 1/3 will be a dining seating area and 2/3 a bar area.

The cost of opening a cannabis consumption lounge can range from $250,000 to $1 million. This includes basic costs for licensing, personnel, rent and up-front renovation, security and other professional services, and initial inventory. Initial investments should be enough to cover all start-up and operational costs to maintain positive cash flow. In the following example, operating costs were calculated only up to the break-even point.

$600,000 scenario for 3,000 sq. ft facilities

  • $50,000 licensing & legal fees & insurances
  • $100,000 rent & deposit
  • $150,000 space improvements ($50/sq. ft)
  • $65,000 security & surveillance system
  • $50,000 furniture and business equipment
  • $25,000 marketing/advertising (3-5% of sales revenue)
  • $7,000 computer software
  • plus personnel
  • plus deals with distributors / producers

Average sales per square foot for a cannabis retail with on-site consumption lounge is about $1,000-$1,750. More established operations boast 20-40% profit margins, while newer businesses may only see 10-15% due to their lack of strategic partnerships and vendor relations.

Sample of a revenue model for a cannabis retail store with on-site consumption lounge:
Revenue = $4,250,000 (100%)
-Direct Costs = $2,030,403 (48%)
Gross Profit = $2,219,597 (52%)
– Operating Expenses = $831,308 (19%)
Operating Income = $1,388,289 (33%)
Net Income = $905,414 (21%) 

Net income after depreciation, interest, and taxes depend largely on local conditions, especially the availability of the IRC 280E exemption at the state level.

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