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Cannabis Gets Cute with Hemper | stupidDOPE

Cannabis Gets Cute with Hemper | stupidDOPE

There’s not enough cuteness in cannabis culture. Head to a dispensary and you’ll see plenty of masculine, stoner friendly brands and a few chic female-oriented ones. But cute? That’s trickier to do. Many states have cannabis laws the prohibit brands from appealing to children in any capacity, so items that are cute are walking a thin line.

But for those of us who are neither stoner bros nor Gwyneth Paltrow wannabees, there’s still a way to keep your flower game on kitschy fleek through accessories. Rolling papers, pipes, bongs, rolling trays, cones, and so on, are auxiliary products, so they have a different set of rules. But beautiful, fun pipes and bongs, like the ones from Edie Parker, are definitely (worth it) investment pieces. Thankfully, if you want to bong on a budget and channel all the nostalgic vibes, Hemper is here to save the day.

While they sell individual pieces, Hemper’s magic sauce offering is their subscription box. It comes in three tiers: The Hemper Mini Box, The Hemper Box, and The Hemper XL Box. They range in prices, and in addition to one spectacularly made pipe or bong, come with a host of cones, lighters, and basically anything you would need to light up and take off. The themes change with each subscription box, with past box themes including: Bubbles, Trippy Mushrooms, Milk and Cookies, Video Games, and “Wish” (cough cough Dragon Ball.) I think it’s safe to say that there is a theme that will appeal to any cannabis consumer.

And hold the phones, because what comes in these subscription boxes is CUTE AF. Right now, their box is whale themed, which could go a variety of ways, but Hemper went with adorable. It’s not some halfhearted standard glass pipe with whale stickers moment either, but a truly IG worthy custom piece that will make you want to coo before and after each smoke sesh. Even my Soviet Union born partner commented on how cute the whale smoking devices in each box were, so if melting an iron curtain heart was on Hemper’s bucket list, that one can be crossed out.

On top of the adorable factor, these boxes are shockingly affordable. The Mini is a mere $20 dollars, while The Hemper Box can be had for about $40. If you pony up for the XL box with the larger whale bong, you’ll be set back a full $150. Honestly though, that feels like spare change when you see the care in the design. That face! The tiny whale bowl! Who can resist? Not me, that’s for sure. The whale bong in the XL box on its own retails for $200, so the XL subscription is an excellent option with its bundle of accessories galore.

The items themselves are also well made and have all the bells and whistles you might want on a bong. Holding it, I didn’t feel like I was in a danger zone where it could break at any moment. They’re functional pieces that hit where it counts and didn’t forget to be delightful while doing it.

If you missed past boxes and are hankering for the Video Game themed piece to sit right next to your PlayStation 5, fear not. Pieces from past boxes are available on their site (prices will vary for past boxes), so whether you’re looking for a surprise next month or are seeking something specific, Hemper has your back to make sure any time you light up, the charming factor is cranked to 11.

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