Brooklyn Nets and New York Liberty Make History with CBD Partnership

The Brooklyn Nets from the NBA and the New York Liberty from the WNBA have teamed up with Mynd Drinks, a CBD beverage company. This is a big deal because it’s the first time basketball teams are working with a cannabis-related company. It’s like breaking the ice and trying something new in the world of sports.


But Why CBD?

CBD is a thing you might have heard about – it’s not the part of the weed that gets you high, but it’s got some good stuff in it. People think it can help with things like feeling less sore after a game and dealing with pain. It’s like a friend for your muscles, and athletes are checking it out to see if it can make them feel better.

Mynd Drinks, the company teaming up with the Brooklyn Nets and New York Liberty, did something similar with a baseball team, the Chicago Cubs, last year. Now, they’re making history by being the first to work with an NBA team. They’re like pioneers in the world of sports drinks.

The NBA decided to be more open-minded about cannabis last year. They took marijuana off the list of things players can’t use. Now, players can even invest in companies that make cannabis products.

This partnership is about taking care of the players. Mynd Drinks offers CBD drinks that they say helps athletes recover and feel better after playing. It’s like giving the players a tool to help them perform at their best and feel good doing it.


In a Nutshell
It’s a new experiment in sports, and everyone’s curious to see how it goes. With the NBA being more open to cannabis, we might see more teams trying out new things to keep their players happy and healthy. It’s like a game-changer, but off the court!


Source: Brooklyn Nets And New York Liberty Become First NBA And WNBA Teams To Partner With CBD Company