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Biddeford Cannabis Seeds

Biddeford Cannabis Seeds

Does cannabis affect women differently than men?

Though some users may be loathe to admit it, cannabis does effect men and women differently, although not drastically so.

Cannabis can effect a woman differently depending on the level of estrogen in her body, i.e. during menstruation. Women also tend to have a harder time with withdrawal. Men, on the other hand, tend to make men hungrier (dang that case of the munchies!), higher, and they require higher doses of cannabis to experience the beneficial pain relieving properties.

Should women be careful when buying cannabis seeds?

Standard side effects aside, if, as a woman, you want to grow your own cannabis to take advantage of the healing powers of this plant, you may want to consider sticking to indica strains or those higher in CBD to avoid any unnecessary complications. Indica cannabis is often used for relaxation and pain relief, and benefits from CBD because the compound is not psychoactive. It’s good to remember however, that the THC in a medical cannabis strain like CBD Critical Mass will be balanced out by CBD, which blocks the uptake of THC in the brain.

How many medical cannabis seeds can I cultivate in Biddeford?

When it comes to medical cannabis for medical and recreational use, residents of Biddeford can grow up to six mature plants, 12 immature plants, and seedlings, as well as the harvest from those plants. That gives you ample opportunity to try different strains to see what works best for you.

Tourist-y things to do in Biddeford, Maine

Downtown Biddeford, Maine is a quintessential American town, with the popular McArthur Public Library and Biddeford’s City Theater the mainstays of the historic downtown. Make sure to head to Ferry Beach, a white-sand beach ideal for picnicking, and Saco Bay, for great fishing in the Gulf of Maine.

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Sarah R. of Biddeford recommends Growers Choice cannabis seeds to everyone

I seriously tell everyone about Growers Choice. I’m a recent convert to weed but I feel like it changed my whole outlook on life! I bought Critical Purple because I have insomnia and after a few tokes I’m sleeping like a baby.

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