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A Visitor’s Guide to Enjoying Recreational Cannabis in Las Vegas

A Visitor’s Guide to Enjoying Recreational Cannabis in Las Vegas
Enjoying Recreational Cannabis in Las Vegas

When it comes to enjoying the very best of America, there’s no
place like Las Vegas. From Michelin Star restaurants and a vibrant nightlife to
its exquisite gambling scene, Las Vegas has it all. What’s more exciting is
that Las Vegas recently got a whole lot interesting, thanks to the legalization
of recreational marijuana.

According to Statista, since its legalization in 2017,
recreational marijuana has helped the Las Vegas cannabis industry reach a value
of $2.4 billion. The legalization has also helped make this city a hotspot for
cannabis tourism. You can even avail a cannabis tour in a luxury SUV in the

However, although legalized, for cannabis consumption in this
part of Nevada, you still need to follow a few rules and understand a few
etiquette. Locals and those who frequent Las Vegas are quite familiar with
these rules and etiquette, but most tourists aren’t. As a result, many of them
end up getting into a lot of trouble for consuming marijuana or other cannabis
products in the city.

Having said all that, if you’re visiting Las Vegas anytime soon
to experience its recreational cannabis industry, keep reading. This article
will help you understand the laws and etiquette surrounding marijuana
consumption in Sin City.

Cannabis Experiences That Await You in Las Vegas: Where to Get
Your Products

At present, there are many ways you can experience cannabis and
cannabis-infused products in Las Vegas. According to Thrive, the best way to gain access
to these products is through the city’s top marijuana dispensaries. These
dispensaries have a wide selection of products, a lot of which are curated by
local growers and product innovators. Marijuana and cannabis products here
include everything from buds and pre-rolls to wax, shatter, and many more.

Apart from the dispensaries, there are also marijuana-friendly
accommodations and even drive-thrus where you can enjoy these products. You
just need to check whether or not smoking marijuana or consuming cannabis in
any form is allowed there.

Understanding the Cannabis Laws in Nevada

To ensure you don’t get in trouble for carrying or consuming
marijuana, here are some of the most important cannabis laws for Nevada.

  • Buy products only from licensed dispensaries. Ask the stores to
    provide proof of their license if necessary.
  • Only adults 21 years of age and older can buy up to 1 ounce of
    cannabis flower per day. They can also buy up to eight ounces of THC cannabis
    concentrates, edibles, and other weed-infused products per day. You must show a
    valid ID as proof of age before you’re allowed to purchase.
  • Many of the cannabis dispensaries in Las Vegas are open 24/7.
    You can’t expect anything else from a city that never sleeps. On top of that,
    you can also request home delivery of these products. However, you still have
    to show proof of ID for age verification before you take delivery.
  • Most casinos, hotels, and resorts in Las Vegas have put a ban on
    weed consumption. KLAS 8 News Now reports that weed-friendly hotels are opening
    up in Las Vegas. However, they are very few in number and are also strict about
    how and where you consume these products on their premises.
  • Only certain health conditions will allow you to legally use
    medical marijuana or cannabis products. These conditions include AIDS,
    cachexia, glaucoma, cancer, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), persistent
    muscle spasms or seizures, and severe nausea or pain. Whatever the condition,
    only approval from a healthcare professional will allow you to purchase medical

Cannabis Consumption Etiquette

Basic cannabis consumption etiquette involves respecting both
the substance and those around you. In social settings, always ask for consent
before lighting up or sharing.

Be mindful of public spaces and legal regulations, consuming only where permitted. Sin City is very strict
about where you smoke. Control your intake to avoid overindulgence, preventing
discomfort or impairment.

When passing a joint or a device, do so with care and avoid
excessive double-dipping. Those sharing their products with you in a friendly
manner might not like you being so excessive. Maintain open communication and
be considerate of non-consumers, as the smell can be strong.


Las Vegas is right now one of the most thriving places in the US
for cannabis consumption. As you can tell from our discussion so far, it is the
city to be in if you want to experience cannabis tourism. To make sure you
enjoy this experience responsibly, stick to the rules and etiquette talked
about above. That way, you don’t have to worry about getting in trouble and
your cannabis experience in Las Vegas will be a joyful one.

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